Lá no alto
O sol quente me leva num salto
Pro lado contrário do asfalto
Pro lado contrário da dor.
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nerdykirk: i’m not entirely goodness, either. ( old vrs. ) ( x )
lauuwmcfly: TOM FLETCHER ~ Charts review.
samthehurricane: -too fine to hold (x)swgraphicchallengesamthehurricane vs sammlyprompt: tight
Let me start by uh, by introducing myself, I am Professor Geller.
fromstarktostone: Sansa Stark Meme      ↳ Three Colors: Blue [ 2/3 ]
Friends rewatch - 1x04 - TOW George Stephanopoulos
ronaldwheasley: so i was watching the love is on the radio video again but when i did, i only focused on one member at a time, and i couldn’t help but notice dougie in these shots omg